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In a progressive and developing society it is natural that demands of water always remain on the rise. In this context the issues are varied and complex in subcontinent, because in subcontinent there are remarkable variation in the availability of water on account of the regional rainfall and geography. Along with, the increasing population and urbanization are having telling effect on the availability and quality of water. In this situation the activity of artificial recharge to ground water is an indispensable measure which is substantially beneficial, as this will help store the surplus rainwater in the form of ground water and in turn arrest the decline of water level and degradation of the quality. All the same it is ecofriendly.
Water is the key to life. Every cell is water dependent and water sustained. All human activities are predicted upon the availability of water. Water is omnipresent. Its existence is fundamental assumption. Water is considered to be a free commodity a substance to be taken used and disposed-without a thought that it is becoming valuable. There will be always plenty of water but our supplies of fresh water are seriously threatened.
Of all the planets known to man, Earth deserve to be called as the water planet. Fresh water is a gift of nature to living beings. Rain is the main source of fresh water.
Contribution of Rainfall to world’s water supply:
(1) Water in sea & Ocean 97.2% 
(2) Water in Glaciers and Ice Caps 2.14%
(3) Underground Water 0.61%
(4) Surface Water 0.009%
(5) Soil Moisture   0.005%
Rainfall is seasonal and is not evenly distributed. So, we face the fury of floods and droughts. Every increasing human population has escalated the consumption of water. This has created a tremendous pressure over water system like lakes and rivers. Underground water table is also depleting alarming due to excessive tapping in the dry seasons. We are entering an era which availability of freshwater is becoming scarce. If this trend is continued, we will land in acute shortage of water.
Water is a strategic resource. There is no technological alternative for water. The right solution to overcome water scarcity and be self sufficient in water needs is to save the precious drops falling from the sky. Desalination method will also provide the necessary freshwater but the cost is expensive. Rainwater Harvesting is simple and cost effective. It has shown significant result in countries where it had been implemented. Average requirement of water for a person is
(1) For Drinking & Cooking 15 %
(2) For flushing   30 %
(3) For Bathing & Washing  55 %


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