“Indira Gandhi Priyadarshini Award” is presented to men and women from various walks of life or their outstanding services, achievement and contributions in their particular professions. Award is given for Environmental protection Social upliftment of scheduled castes Communal harmony Emancipation of women. The award intends to spot and recognize the hidden talent in the country. Mentor of KRG group Mr. K. R. Gopinath was awarded by this prestigious award in the year 2001 for his and his groups out standing services in the field of rainwater harvesting and environment.
RAINWATER HARVESTING SYSTEM MANAGEMENT & STUDY - A world's First Study Book of Rainwater Harvesting  
Mr. Shetty is been experimenting, studying and has come up with many innovative, scientific and low cost methods to harvest rainwater. He is having dynamic personality who delivers lectures and talks at various academic institutions and corporate sectors to propagate and spread awareness on latest development in water sector. He has also presented papers at various international summits and seminars on water management. 
After years of working on water he wonders why no one has come up with an idea to bring in text book for students to learn the subject of rainwater harvesting. There are manuals and guides on this subject but no single proper course book for students. Keeping this in mind he decided to write an easy and simple book covering all the aspects of rainwater harvesting. This book is a result of his vision to educate students on importance of rainwater harvesting. 
The author leads company as one of the foremost and prestigious organizations working on water and environment in India. The KRG group has over 16 years of experience in providing valuable environmental services to its clients. The company has donned expertise by handling different types of rainwater harvesting methods as it consists of a group of professionals who are engaged in studying and implementing ground water developments and Artificial Recharge Structures based on the system and techniques of rainwater harvesting. 
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